Department of Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is a branch of medical science that deals with the application of medical knowledge to legal questions.  Also called legal medicine or medical jurisprudence, it applies medical knowledge to criminal and civil law.  It is basically covered under two sections.  First section is comprised of Forensic Medicine, which deals with the techniques applied in medical science for the purpose of law; whereas second section deals completely with the Toxicology which is all about the detection, isolation and the symptoms produced by a particular poison/toxin on a living being.

The subject of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology as a part of curriculum is taught for II BHMS over a period of a year.  In the practical aspect, the Department ensures that the student is competent enough to interpret the postmortem correctly, to identify the poisons etc.  Practical include identification of bones, dactylography, identification of toxicology specimens, and poisons, etc.

The goal of teaching Forensic medicine to undergraduate students is to impart knowledge which will help the students to know of medical ethics and etiquette to be followed during the practice of medicine. As it is a well known fact that the medical service become vulnerable to be criticized day-to-day by the litigatory society, a medical student should be prepared to practice medicine without being entangled either by professional, criminal or consumer law.  After the successful completion of the course, the student shall be acquainted with medicolegal procedures, medical ethics, and various provisions of Consumer Protection Act.  Have the knowledge of toxicology to identify the poison and adopt necessary emergency measures.  Expand his knowledge of Materia Medica by incorporating the knowledge gained through the study of toxicology.  Areas of medicine that are commonly involved in forensic edicine are anatomy, pathology, and psychiatry.

The topics that students will be taught under this section are: the definition and types of Death as stated under law, the early and late stages of death, and an in-depth study of various phenomena causing death as homicide, suicide, malnutrition, disease, starvation, dehydration and accidents. The manner of death and the deceased’s physical conditions vary from case to case. The possible signs and symptoms present in every case are separately taught to the students, explaining them the mechanism responsible for the specific condition. The difference between wound and injury in terms of law is explained, the general differences between wounds as abrasions, lacerations, contusions, avulsions, stab wounds, chop wounds and injuries caused due to firearms, and their medico-legal aspects.

The Department has a well established museum consisting of charts, models, weapons (blunt, pointed and sharp), poisons (over 100 toxicology specimens), bones, fire arm bullets, laminated photographs, charts, etc.  The laboratory is well equipped with a departmental library for reference as per the CCH guidelines, which includes various acts and reference materials.

As part of their record work, each student has to note down around 5 cases from newspapers/magazines related to forensic medicine and have to discuss the same in the class.  Internees are posted in the Dept at which time each one has to submit a thesis/assignment work.  Writing of various certificates including death is taught during this period.  Apart from these, the students are sent to district hospitals for studying postmortem examination.

There are three full time faculties working in the Department who are all experienced enough to handle the subject.  All faculties have attended various Re-orientation programmes conducted by the AYUSH department.

Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Sl.No Name Photograph Designation Qualification MEd. Council Regno DOB Experience Academic Achievements
1 r. Biju Raj Professor & HOD BHMS, MD (Hom) 5971 August 25, 1971 14 years Click Here
2 Dr. M.Krishna Kumar Reader BHMS 6372 May 19, 1976 12 years Click Here
3 Dr. Regha Gopinathen.R Lecturer BHMS 6834 October 23, 1975 14 years Click Here