Mrs: Aswathy

Hostel Warden


Location of the Hostel

Address of the Hostel

Route of the Hostel

Fee Structure of the Hostel


Monday Appam,Potato Curry From College Canteen Tea, Uzhunnu Vada Rice,Sambar, Thoran, Fish Fry, Pickle
Tuesday Dosa, Chatney From College Canteen Tea, Banana Fry Rice, Pulisseri, aviyal, Fish Fry, Pickle.
Wednesday Idilly, Sambar From College Canteen Tea, Parippu Vada Rice,  erisseri, Thoran, omlet, Pickle
Thursday Puttu, Kadala Curry From College Canteen Tea, Banana Fry Rice, Sambar, Thoran, Kichadi, Fish Curry
Friday Dosa, Sambar From College Canteen Tea, Onion Vada Rice, Puliseri, Thoran, Aviyal, Egg Roast
Saturday Appam, Green Peas Curry From College Canteen Tea, banana Fry Rice, Pachadi, Thoran, Fish Fry, Pickle


  1. Girl students of the College shall either (i) stay at their own home with their parents or (ii) stay in the Girl’s Hostel conducted by the College. They will not be allowed to stay anywhere else.
  2. Once a student has been enrolled as an inmate of the College Hostel, she will remain to be a hostel inmate till she completes her course of study in the College.
  3. A refundable Caution Deposit of Rupees Ten thousand only (Rs.10,000/-) shall be remitted by every Girl student who joins the Ladies Hostel of the College.
  4. The inmates of the Hostel will have to abide by the Hostel Rules strictly in letter and spirit; and they will have to obey the instructions of the Warden and the Deputy Warden in the enforcement of the Hostel Rules.
  5. The inmate will have the full responsibility of keeping every article in the room (and in the Hostel) in very good shape and condition; and if any article is damaged and has to be repaired or replaced, the inmate will have to meet the entire expenditure involved.
  6. Hostel fee for the year 2017-2018 will be Rupees four thousand only (Rs.4000)- per mensem.
  7. The Hostel fee must be paid in full on or before the 7th day of the Calendar month, failing which a fine of Rs.100/- will have to be paid along with the Hostel fee. If the Hostel fee is not paid on or before the 20th of the Calendar month, the fine will be Rs.250/-.
  8. Inmates will be allowed to go to any place outside the Hostel – except the Homoeo College – only with the prior permission of the Warden.
  9. An inmate who goes out of the Hostel with the Warden’s permission must enter the fact in the Hostel Register showing the date and time of departure and the place of visit with its full address (and phone number).
  10. Every inmate who goes out (with permission) must get back into the Hostel in the evening before 6 PM.
  11. Mobile phones cannot be used in the Hostel premises (without prior permission of the Warden) between 10 P.M & 06 A.M.
  12. No inmate shall get out of her room after 10.00 P.M.
  13. Whenever an inmate has to go from the Hostel to her home – and whenever an inmate starts from her home to come back to the Hostel – the parents (or the guardian) of the inmate must speak to the Warden over the phone and approve the journey.
  14. Every journey of an inmate from the Hostel to the College and from the College to the Hostel shall be only in the Hostel Van and not in any other Vehicle.
  15. No person (who is not approved in advance by the parents or the guardian of the inmate) will be allowed to visit the Hostel and to meet an inmate.
  16. No visitor will be allowed to meet an inmate in the Hostel after 06.30 P.M.
  17. An inmate who falls ill (or feels sick) must report the fact immediately to the
    Warden and undergo the treatment which is prescribed by the College Doctor.
  18. Whenever an inmate has to be hospitalized, the parents (or the guardian) of the inmate must take over the responsibility of attending the inmate.


Received the hostel rules.  We shall abide by all the rules strictly.




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