Department of Organon of Medicine

The department plays a key role in the academic excellence of students along with developing clinical proficiency based on the fundamentals of organon. Our mission is to deliver quality education that paves a solid foundation in the field of homoeopathy .


The department consists of 5 faculty members who are efficient in imparting the philosophy based on the homoeopathic system of medicine with its application in clinical cases


The department includes a museum that provides knowledge on the history of medicine and evolution of homoeopathy. It also contains charts and documents on the pioneers of homoeopathy.


There is a well started library maintained by the department containing various books on homoeopathic literature and philosophy by eminent philosophers and physicians


OPD & IPD are conducted on all days of a week, which gives adequate training for students to inspire them with critical cognitive clinical skill in the field of Homoeopathic therapeutics.

IPD are resourcible as it focus on enhancing the knowledge and skill of the students and gives them a thorough learning experience on case taking with emphasis on analysis and evaluation of a case.

Faculty Room

Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Sl.No Name Photograph Designation Qualification MEd. Council Regno DOB Experience Academic Achievements
1 Dr. Rekha Rajagopalan Reader & HOD BHMS, MD (Hom) 6545 November 17, 1974 15 years Click Here
2 Dr. Suresh Kumar.P.V. Professor BHMS, MD (Hom) 3889 May 20, 1966 13.6 years Click Here
3 Dr.Leeba Mary Joshua Reader BHMS 6843 October 17, 1976 14.6 years Click Here
4 Dr.Bindu.B.R. Lecturer BHMS, MD (Hom) 6849 May 25, 1976 14.6 years Click Here
5 Dr.Rekha.K. Lecturer BHMS 7014 May 28, 1978 14.6 years Click Here