Department of Repertory

Serious intellectual endeavor starts with passion and curiosity. The Department of Repertory is a place where faculty and students intensely discuss what they love—novels, poems, paintings, films, comics (the rubrics are studied through characters) — along with theoretical, philosophical and logical questions related to the study of Homoeopathy and Repertory. As part of a course of intensive study, these conversations spark intellectual excitement; while building toward at the end, a passion to Homoeopathy.  Through the wide variety of interactive approaches in classes, they cultivate the analytical capacities that will continue to serve them in their personal and professional lives long after graduation.

The department encourages our students to integrate the concerns of other fields into their studies and therefore maintains close links with other departments along with other academic programs.

1 Total Number of Computers 05 + 1 Laptop
2 Total Number of Software 05
3 Details of Computer Lab. Available
4 Total number of Charts 47
5 Number of books in Departmental Library 167
6 Other Items PPTs, Kishore cards, monthly e- newsletter, Repertory Albums

Use of modern teaching techniques like power point presentations for regular lectures, audiovisual aids, charts.
Open discussions, seminars, Journal club presentations, book reviews & case presentations are conducted frequently amongst students and interns. In addition to large number of reference books, the study of rubrics is made interesting and easy through album making.
Department is equipped with COMPUTER LAB which comprises 5 computers with different Homoeopathic software for easy computer based repertorisation.
The Department has been publishing a monthly e-newsletter since March 2017 which provides an easy understanding of rubrics through personality study of stalwarts, and themes of epics and theatre.
Scholarly activities beyond the curriculum include participation of students and interns in Chart preparation, Album making & Articles in the department e-newsletter.
The department has a website ( ) which promotes active learning, allowing quick and easy access to instructional materials. Its aim is to use a teaching method that is effective, efficient, and enjoyable
Currently, department is working towards establishing the Museum for the department and conducting regular seminars inviting stalwarts of National and International repute and through the webinar workshops.

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Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Sl.No Name Photograph Designation Qualification MEd. Council Regno DOB Experience Academic Achievements
1 Dr.Shalini.G.Unnithan Professor & HOD BHMS, MD (Hom) 6721 January 1, 1976 15 years Click Here
2 Dr. Madhu.G. Lecturer BHMS, MD (Hom) 5061 May 9, 1970 6.6 years Click Here
3 Dr. Ajesh.V Lecturer BHMS 7682 May 25, 1981 6.6 years Click Here