Department of Homeopathic Pharmacy


Homoeopathic Pharmacy is a branch of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, developed by Hahnemann himself. It is both an art and science that deals with a specialized system of mode of preparation, administration and standardization of medicine.

The Department of Homoeopathic Pharmacy is a specious, well-furnished and established department. We have a separate Faculty room, well equipped Laboratory and a full-fledged Museum/ demonstration room. We also have a number of Plants and all the laboratory equipment, utensils, reagents, etc. according to the rules and regulations of AYUSH.

Our Mission

Students shall be able to:

  • Gaining of basic knowledge of the principles & practice of Homoeopathic Pharmacy.
  • Understanding of the evolution of the various aspects of Homoeopathic Pharmacy.
  • Understanding of the scientific and Logical basis of Principles and Practice of Homoeopathic pharmacy.
  • Understanding the methods of quality testing storing dispensing of the medicine.


HOD & Staff room:

Rooms for Prof & HOD and staff are available.

Practical Hall:

The Department of Homeopathic Pharmacy can accommodate 50 students at a time and is geared with best in class storage for chemical reagents and apparatus, charts and manuals for to conduct Pharmacy sessions in accidence with the academic curriculum prescribed by the Kerala University of Health Science. The hall contains well-furnished and well equipped lab, Water & Drainage facilities

Museum/Demonstration Room:

A spacious well maintained museum equipped with large number of specimens preserved in the formalin and in dry state from vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms.

There are large number of laminated photographs and framed photographs exhibited in the walls of the museum from vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms.

The museum/demonstration room can accommodate 50 students comfortable for demonstration.

Departmental Library:

The Department of Pharmacy has an in-house library with sufficient number of books. The library are made available for reference for staff and students

Herbal Garden:

The department maintained good number of medicinal plants from various species planted both in the ground and pot


Faculty Room                                                                  Laboratory


Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements

Sl.No Name Photograph Designation Qualification MEd. Council Regno DOB Experience Academic Achievements
1 Dr. Sailendra Kumar.G.N Professor & HOD DHMS 4325 March 11, 1966 24 years Click Here
2 Dr. R.Leena Girish Reader BHMS, MD(Hom) 5967 May 31, 1972 15 years Click Here
3 Dr. Veena.S.K. Lecturer BHMS 6835 December 15, 1976 14 years Click Here